Hasten The Dawn

I wrote this song based on the imagery of Psalm 130:6 (Common English Bible) “My whole being waits for the LORD- more than the night watch waits for morning;yes, more than the night watch waits for morning.” The metaphor is of a watchman standing guard on a castle wall, alone, cold and scared staring out into the darkness waiting desperately for the morning light. The castle that he is guarding represents his own defenses that keep others out but that also keep him trapped inside and separated from the connections with others that he really longs for. This is really a story about our lives. I hope that this song encourages you to lower a draw bridge and let some one inside; that open door also allows you to walk out. Take heart, the Son has risen!

Hasten the Dawn

In the chill of night
I feel an emptiness inside of me
The dampness wraps around me
Like a blanket on my soul
Dousing the fire that in the daylight burned so brightly
I search the distance for any sign of dawn

Hasten the dawn
You know I can’t go on
Unless I know that you are here beside me
Hasten the Dawn I’ll soldier on
But I need to know that you are here with me

I raise my eyes to the coming of the sun
Then I know you are here with me

These cold hard stones they drain the very life right out of me
The castle I protect ’s become a prison for my soul
Hiding behind these walls afraid of what’s outside of them
Afraid that what’s inside of me might be seen by all

Be strong – I’m with you in the darkness
Be strong – like I’m with you in the light
Be strong – I’m always there beside you
Be strong – I’ll see you through this night

When I was young I spoke with boldness of eternity
But this night I question all I have come to know
You promise me fidelity in a world of insecurity
Even when I can’t see, you are here with me

Wake up the dawn
The night is gone
I will use my voice to raise the people
I’ll tell them of your faithful love
How you never left my side

I live my life in the presence of the Son

I raise my eyes to the coming of the Son

Written by John Ivey
Copy Right 2018. All rights reserved


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