Solid Ground – John Ivey live at Pebblestone Cellars 4.16.23

John Ivey live at Pebblestone Cellars Talent, Oregon 4.16.23 I would like to thank Tom Boyles for filming and editing

Close To You

Close To You Verse 1: I just want to be where you are I just want to do what you

Walk On The Water

Walk On the Water Music and lyrics written by John Ivey 3/12/2021   Surely, you must be one of them

At The End Of The Day

At The End Of The Day I love You LORD, you are my strength My rock my tower, my protection

Calm The Storm

Thank you for joining me. This is one of my favorite songs. My journey has been an incredibly difficult one.

Your Grace Is Amazing

God knows me intimately, every thought, intention, every flaw. Knowing all that is me, he does not reject, but embraces.


Breath Left out in the rain, a discarded plaything Rusted, in the place you were thrown Bearing a brand, held

Hasten The Dawn

I wrote this song based on the imagery of Psalm 130:6 (Common English Bible) “My whole being waits for the

Your Grace is Amazing – John Ivey Band Live

This simple song speaks about God’s relentless, gentle and loving pursuit of me, in spite of my best efforts to

Solid Ground

Solid Ground And the storm will rage and the wind will blow Let the waters rise this I know I

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