Where does it come from

Welcome to my website. I built this just for you! Really. My hope is that you get encouragement and enjoyment from listening to my music and reading about my story. Life is difficult and we need all the positives that we can get. I have played guitar since I was ten years old when I learned GC and D on my mother’s Yamaha classical guitar to perform Rock Around the Clock for a 6th grade presentation. My first electric guitar was a garage sale fixer and my first amp was one that I Frankensteined together from a broken stereo system and a home speaker. For the most part I am self taught and aside from a music theory class at UCLA back in the late 80’s, I have had to figure this out on my own.

The music that I write is a reflection of my life’s struggles,  and failures, lessons and mistakes and more recently, it’s joys triumphs. I use my songs as a method of clarification to put to pen the thoughts that I am working out in my head. The music itself comes from the emotions that I am feeling at the time.  Sometimes I will write a tune or some lyrics but don’t have the corresponding part to complete the song. A few songs have take decades to complete, at the resolution to the emotions that generated the process to a long time to resolve. I use my phone to record things that run through my head and sometimes parts from two different time periods with join together to make a chorus or a verse.

Once I have the basic parts to the song down, I may pull in a friend or two to lay down a scratch track which I record on my Zoom HN6. I take the basic wav file over to ProTools and mix stereo files in to one of my templates and do a simple mix and master and send out an mp3 to the band mates. It builds from there!

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