Reflection of You
When I wrote first wrote this song about 3 winters ago, it was during a season of injuries and personal turmoil. I took a hard fall at work from a miss-set ladder and hurt my shoulders and neck followed by a slip on icy stairs that left me with rib injuries. I pushed through and continued to work and eventually started to destroy my rotator cuffs. I continued to work and worked myself right into the hospital with a double hernia surgey. Only a year earlier, I had torn the tendon that controls my left middle and ring fingers after the signing a recording contract. I was left broken and despondent.
The road bad was a rough andl humbling: 2 years of physical therapy on my shoulders followed by an additional 1.5 years of accupuncture for pain management. All this while undergoing 3 years of personal counseling to address unresolved chldhood and adult trauma issues as well as weekly marriage counseling. It was the hardest period of my life; it felt all consuming and I felt overwhelmingly alone at times.
I was never alone and I did move forward and a new person emerged from the crucible. If I am honest, I have grown more in the times of struggle that in times of rest. Those times can be awful and overwhelming especially if our perspective of God’s motivation is one of punishment not restoration. That is not his character, and He redeems situations and people out of love. Trust the process of His healing work in you. You are seen loved and never alone or forgotten. After many years, I look back and see His constant presence and this lament turned in to a victory song.
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